Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Next time I will be ready, I promise :)

Here are my bikini wishlist. I will be ordering these when I get my credit card, or when i visit Victoria Secret I'm inlove with these amazing Miraculous Bikini Tops they just look so amazing ! I cant wait to buy them and wear them when i go back to the beach <3 Also the matching bottoms are the ones I want I love the Tanga <3 so Brazilian ;)

Perfect way to start August

 Fun at the beach <3 At first i didnt want to go in the water.. I was thinking it was going to be salty.. well stupid me clearly it wont be because it wasn't.. How did i discover it ? Well, My boyfriend made me go in the water so I did while I was carefully walking to not fall.. he pushed me down and submerged my whole body underwater I was in such panic I forgot to breathe and opened my mouth. And for my surprise I tasted the water on which was NOT salty ! so yipeee ! after that they couldnt get me off the water I kept swimming and just floating around I loved it so much. I had the best time ever ! I'm so glad he brought me <3 thanks bb. He promised me we'll go back to the beach next week or the following week <3 I'm excited

 We couldnt get a jumping picture so I was stuck with this.

I'm taking this club to the city of love

I've been playing this song in the car <3
it was love at first hear. It's definitely a summer song. Enjoy


Before i forget HAPPY AUGUST ! today starts a new month and say goodbye to July 2011.
You've been torture but I always learn from my mistakes <3

Guess where I went !

I went to the beach today ! uhh finally ! I've never been to the beach here in Canada. I was so excited when my boyfriend told me we were going in 10 minutes !! I went running to get all the stuff i needed. I'll post my beach essentials and also the stuff i grabbed today when i was heading out and/or the MUST HAVES that i forgot lol and ALSO, the pictures i took with my boyfriend <3. PS. I had the most amazing time today, I loved it <3 i was so happy he took me :) I'll post them tomorrow pinky promise <3

love you guys, goodnight