Thursday, January 19, 2012

my chair

xxo caterp

easy styling

I always enjoy checking out forever 21 once in awhile. They always have the cutest clothes for cheap but thats the only reason why i go every week. They have great styling. I love how they put clothes together. I enjoy looking at the models outfits and how the stylist put them all together. Also, they come up with new outfits everyday or usually you can just look back at the old clothes and just change them up abit and voila ! Here are some pictures of my favorite styling by Forever 21. This really inspires me to dress up when i go out.

xxo caterp

mugs mugs cheers !

After posting that Lens Mug i went on tumblr and found some amazing pictures of cute mugs. Now I am in need of a cute mug. check out these cute mugs :)

lens ? or mug ?

My dad got this for Christmas and i thought it was the coolest thing ever. At first I thought it was a camera lens. Such a conversation starter. Just imagine holding on to this lens mug and you open it and drink from it. People will go crazy ! Perfect for Photography fanatics :) I'll definitely ask him one day if i could borrow it. Though it wont be a surprise here in the Philippines but if i brought it in Canada. Everyone will go insane :)

xxo caterp


Here are some of my lipstick and blushes/bronzers. I've received these containers as a gift. They are meant to be shown in display :) on which i'm inlove with.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

quote of the day

Here is a little inspiration that might get you through the day or better through the week.
no matter what anyone else say about you, you should always have your head up high. You've only got yourself, and others opinion to you should not matter. Remember that beautiful :)

xxo caterp

Jeffrey Campbells

My love for Jeffrey Campbell has been introduced when i first saw them in person at a department store here in the Philippines. They are magnificent in person. I fell in love with the Jeffrey Campbell Litas and will (yes i will get them) get them this year before or on my birthday. They are such a statement piece and they will truly be a prize possession. Besides its not like they're not affordable for the hype that it got I thought they would be alot more expensive, but clearly i'm mistaken. (thank god) So I will have one of these bad boys one of these days. oh you wait :)


Who doesnt love neutrals. Its something so classy and easy to wear. I will always fall back to neutrals when nothing comes to mind when in need. Here are few pieces to build a very classy neutral look. I do not own this image and found it on a website.

bench model

Bench has released pictures of its new Bench Body model. It may come to a surprise that Mr. Michael Trevino from Vampire Diaries is the Face of Bench Body (or shall i say body) They have out done themselves. Bench always seems to surprise me with their accomplishments and success. Good Job Bench. Cheers to Philippine Brands. "Its more fun in the Philippines"

2012 be good to me

new year, new beginnings

Since its already January 18, 2012. My goals and ambitions have been written down on stone. I will try my best to follow each and every single one them.