Tuesday, March 27, 2012


pain is temporary - Outfit of the day

Necklace - Love LuLu, White Tee - Suzy Shier, Denim Jacket - TopShop, Bangles - H&M, Black Maxi Skirt - Teranova
Currently my favorite piece this summer. Maxi Skirts are currently my pj's when im just too lazy to try and dress up. I got this Black Maxi Skirt from Teranova here in Manila and I got them for such a bargain ! $ 5 I wanted it in every colour but I decided to just get the most basic one. Black. I paired it with a simple white tee that I got in Canada and also borrowed my sisters denim jacket from Topshop. Also I snuck in a necklace because i thought it was too plain. So i put on my Love LuLu necklace to put the whole look together.  I think it just completes it :)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Empire of the sun

Hype on LookBook !

Throwover & Bangles - Forever 21 , Black Tank - Garage , Denim Shorts - Thrifted , Black Belt - H&M

I fell in love with these shorts right when i saw it. I was lucky enough that it fits me fine, It could use more tighten on the waist but im not going to complain! I could always put on a belt :) I bought these bad boy for approximately $3 yay ! such a steal :) I paired it with a plain black tank from Garage and also a throw-over from Forever 21 that i got last December. Also notice anything  different ? probably not haha its not that noticeable ! I got a haircut :) 6 inches off my long locks. I'm liking the straight hair, it makes my hair thicker. Hope you like my outfit and check out my LookBook for more looks :)