Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Denim Days

 I didn't have work today.. surprising Last week i was bombarded with work. They kept giving me hours. I wasn't complaining i was just exhausted by Saturday. I'm glad I had Monday and Today off it gave me time to work on my blog and lookbook :) so yay for two days off ! Since I was bored at home I took some outfit pictures with my new bandeau white skirt. I originally bought it for my birthday but i wore this cute white dress instead <3 thank god i choose that instead. I paired the white skirt with a denim button up shirt that my boyfriend got me.. oh he's so sweet <3 Also i used my new favorite sandals :) from Costa Blanca X it's the cutest thing ever ! and I'm glad i bought it it was originally $25 but i got it for $10 yay! for sales. I'll shuttup now I'll see you guys later <3 Goodnight

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